You too can be a comet

You too can be a comet

The Comet Group consists of a bunch of creative marketing addicts working @True Ideas and @De Combinatie van Factoren.


We welcome brave brands, like minded partners, glowing talent and everyone else that truly wants to make a difference, to join us making impact.


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We develop simple yet big ideas that build your brand in the long run and speed up your sales asap.


We specialise in the behaviour of consumers and know all the tricks of the trade to convert them into customers.


We help your brand to create positive impact that truly suits your values and brings our world further.


We create content people love to see and hear and intergrate your brand seamlessly.


We believe that the right (new) forms of media can make a big idea even bigger and always look for the best ways to engage.


We believe the greatest risk in life is not becoming a comet. Not daring to make impact. It’s only the people who’re brave enough to really want to make a change. It’s only the brave that get things done. From your purpose to your positioning, from your promise to your point of sale, we help you to make impact with your brand. That’s our promise. We create great work that influences and changes your customers’ behavior. We truly believe that everyone and every brand can make great impact and become a comet.